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The example will pass unharmed
             in the equipment of equipment.
                          Still, to be made to witness is
to be processed in a slur of contradictory advices.

Only in hand can they be repurposed
             and not as some unit to be
                          carelessly coaxed from the shade
of a naturally formed object.

At what point does the need to know
             override one’s care for another?
                          Under what sign does the patient
speak only of its pain and its alleviation?

That a recent world will not exhaust
             her concern with it as did once a room,
                          in that, words would be already
to have made herself impossible,

lends itself to the understanding that
             she cannot desire thus its surplus
                          of privation, which is our one
dream of thought as gift.

We can only assume a face
             advances the mask,
                          through which it does not translate
nor therefore become my words.

Posted 09/18/09
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