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This is a Love Poem

 This Is A Love Poem

  I will herald my ghosts

 I will braid our pasts

I will unlid secrets

I will forest bruises

I will strange love

I will cabinet the lies

I will haunch the hurt

I will expunge order

I will temper the liked

I will pale the bad

I will away the soiled

I will hush the undone

I will stab the fault

I will dream the lie

I will sweet the love

I will still the brood

I will play the stars

I will pronounce the naked

I will index chance

I will darling the crookt

I will soldier the dreams

I will pageant the breaks

I will cycle the jitters

I will sing the caring

I will belly the upset

I will feast comfort

I will turn the certain

I will empty the dark

I will flame the barbarous

I will shun the ills

I will repine the not

 I will listen.


Sound is at the bottom of everything

 I will draw out the word from our throats


Posted 10/14/14
this poem was recently published at The Philadelphia Review of Books www.philareview.com
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