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A Late Sukkah

Bec: please read this. I’m going

to speak to you

as though I always thought infinitely important

time, the conveyor

belt against which

we progress backward through

life: an essay

‘toward’ understanding the conditions

from birth to 10^-34 seconds, so

to speak. By calling life a work

of words let us invoke

our Jewish heritage

of identifying creation

with text. That way we can

both inhabit this late sukkah

hung with tulips and pears.

Listen the little letters click like

silver balls of a Newton’s cradle

little red, hairy Alef           

trading his birthright for

$24 of Venetian trinkets—oh look

these words must be

alive, they carry me away

from you to another

planet in another

country, as if I had this

kind of energy or agency—

Ít’s tíme fór yóu tó léave. 

Posted 11/26/13