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We almost reach across to turn him back if he could see the frozen marsh peopled with marble horrors squelch of celsius fruit foot sunk in muck, glasswort, blind as wind Perseus clutches statue for support feels its teeth, a chipped nose imagines not art nature to your left, Perseus back crows crying up the sky sharp as turrets crunch on crunch up heath-chained slope to the Gorgons’ cave wee warring winds the sword-swirls seen via snow white as the will, slow-hilling hills and poplar boughs, shadow-blue Perseus’ visible breath he pauses to rest against a birch, stares out into big big dark, asterisks of soft cold dissolving on eyebrows for a minute he falls for a wee minute asleep Chinese Huns defunct railcars of the east we almost reach across to touch his black sockets as if he were dreaming and death a membrane but what can touch you now in your heath-storm making your way where there is none crow cries whiten the low sky marble, Perseus, everywhere, if only you could see it! rare saffron, Carystian sea green with iron veins, even marble birds! here, Perseus: Medusa’s cave of the gelid drip colder than skin can remember hear the sibilant sighs of your lover’s tresses he gropes along a wall into the penetralium Mary wake up come for a walk with me in the snow! it’s beautiful! melancholy Medusa draw near caresses wet beard opens wet lips to speak shuts opens silks saliva But my sweet the snow’s turned to diamonds
Posted 11/16/13