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poor lexical recall

for MDQ

Hello, other body.

I’m going to have
to pee in a minute, but this
list is as close as I
can possibly come to any
explanation for swallowing
my own eyelash.

1. Every night, sleep or
not, I find
out more about

The same small
sound you make
before laughing and
coming melts, drops
hot on my skin.

2. Our nipples went
erect so fast we didn’t have
time to stop being
terrified of each other.

If I could remember the
word for what
pours from your mouth and
fingers, it
would be simpler than
anything I ever made.

3. Your whole, hard
self slides, at easy
lightspeed, onto
screens and inked
papers, into ears and
pupils and
pauses through slats
of sun.

(I like the sticky
mess of spooning you
compliments from
Gerber jars.)

4. The truth
of your pleasure makes me want
to be tied up and
agreed with.

What I mean is that your
honesty is so
tangible I could lift it
from my bedside and tip it
to my lips.

5. Time is long
in coming: when
you held me and
told me to, I
couldn’t use the past
tense for weeks.

Now we fiddle with
it like zippers.

Had I brought a
dictionary to tell you when
to clean your room and
molars, I would be too
heavy to go back
to the center of the bed
with this wig on,
Posted 10/08/09
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