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Wanting with her

I want a stupid
healthy spaniel, who
will love me for the food
I give it til it dies

I want a wide red
futon, and a friend
jabbering platitudes
when I am a-flounder

I want a nasty 
woman, with a pink
lip, with a gold pantsuit,
with a mute hairless cat

I want an oven, self
cleaning, self baking, self
serving up dripping
hot chickens and cows

I want a serving
wench, a launderess
to open her legs and
make killer knishes

I want a loud wet
parrot to sit on
the healthy spaniel, and
spatter jackhammer caws

I want my cervix
to regrow like the tail
of a gecko, with the drive
of a hit-man

I want a fat-cheeked, 
hash-tagged reason to rally,
a tube of gloss,
two bad hombres in heels,

subways spattered
with bloody panty ads,
a reason to make a new
human that’s better

than wanting to
Posted 10/25/16
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