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a.You may enter while I
am on the toilet. Observing
your limbs and belly, I am one
of a species, with eggs and saliva.

b. I am a romantic
because the brain is self-constructed
of fat and electricity.

c. I loop your words in order
to fall from a ledge.

d. You go home to the underhill house.


a. You become perforated at the knee and shoulder.

b. I consent to rape
in order to cry for the raped.

c. I write of your fist: ripped
open, then slowly unfolded,
as a letter in an envelope.

d. At the moment of orgasm, I
am covered with the bark
of a tree. My fingers appear
weighted, or ballooned.


a. You place me, babbling, into
a shopping cart. I gesture with
hands and face, and you appreciate
some of these gestures.

b. I remain beneath the duvet
because a scientist or lawyer
may sustain bruises.

c. Waste leaves my body; fear
leaves my body as you enter.

d. You hand me a glazed donut.
Posted 02/15/10
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