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ways to eat a grapefruit

for devon, jon, nat, and abe

1. screaming romantically: two
fingers, frantic, scooping chunks
of pink flesh along with inner,
outer peel.

2. in series of semiquavers, in
perpendicular planes, with
thirds on the brain, on
unsteady wooden chairs.

3. with holes bored to siphon
juice, periodic compression and
release, two-palmed, downward;
fitfully at best.

4. sluiced truthfully
through the middle in
imperfect halves, with
serrated spoon.
Posted 05/19/09
Comments (2)
But I think the poem is asking us to choose. I choose Number 4, hands down, and whatever that says about this reader.
05/27/09 10:39pm
I love poems about food and this was enjoyable. Thank you!
05/27/09 9:05am