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I tap out my knowledge of neatness on an old machine for sending
pigeons. Some people think the pigeons feel a magnetic map
under the earth. Are you with them or against them? Are you
interfering in their path? Nobody thinks they are the messenger
until they get led away on a stealth mission, on a mission to
distract. No one intends to be against animals. No one pictures
themselves as the antagonist until they’re refracting killer laser-
beams from in front of the boss. Sally said she most felt a valiant
warrior when she did her man’s dishes and neither of us could
forgive that dormancy. Are you the younger sister of an excellent
man? Or the older sibling of three women who really like to bake?
I could spend hours concocting precisely the right person to stamp
on to make dairy-free butter. It is delicious from the extremities
most. The more contact we have with other beings, the better our
fingers turn into food. No one is quite as charmed as I am by the
melting capacity of my own feet. The women I ate grow skinnier
inside me and continue to plague me with their Staten Island
knees. These are the kind of knees that pledge allegiance in a voice
that will always make them a star. Celebrity mechanisms: they are
churning pistons for the tabloids in their throats. No one quite
believes in internal combustion though on-screen folks are always
blowing up from inside. Or birthing villains. Ordinary folks
pledge allegiance thinking of their snug houses or grand canyons
they’ve never seen. Regular folks bring their women up in front
so they can hold their shoulders, peel them back from their usual
child-birthing stance. They can’t all be being mothers. Someone’s
got to get left out to make it right. If the wrong woman gives birth
to the wrong child, she can pass it on over to a woman feeling
unfulfilled at a dog race. The second woman will then have
someone to explain to or at least to protect from flinging grit.
Posted 09/01/11
This poem originally appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of Sixth Finch, http://sixthfinch.com
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