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Where will a man say
he knows me from? This is

not a step. I resolve to call
him up one thousand

times a day, ask him if
he’s found me here

any other day – for I have
been lost other times,

many other times I’ve been
misusing a jar, overweight:

more people come
to see me suckle

than come to see me
explain duplication.

A virtue of most women
is that they can call up

another one & ask her
how she feels about how

the first one is doing
nor does the first

one mind – she is
so busy calling out

names for ways to move
when luscious. When

luscious the woman
allows. This is another

way to debate activity –
you have the capacity

to try your hand. I do not
have the capacity to

try my hand at any
other kindly debate.

When I appear familiar
it will be because

I haven’t argued before.
Everyone in the audience

hears that I am still
in love, brightened,

plyingly smart.
No one needs to know

that all humans
made more curvature

along the wall, or that
what small sounds like

took my maybe
off the map.
Posted 04/12/12