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An Education

…From my mother,
I rode free for
Children under six ‘til age nine;
Received automatic
Library book extensions
For three weeks –
Not the customary two;
Used the “English is
My second language”
Like someone borrowing
A handicapped parking pass;
Cried on cue in front of
Officers to spare my mother
Of punishing tickets. 

From these maternal seeds,
I learned to re-interpret
Homework assignments,
Especially the essay prompt;
Justify alternative due dates
Particularly if I found it trivial;
Miss 180 days of high school,
Because there is more to
Be learned outside of school! 

And this is how I learned
Fur Elise without how to
Play major and minor scales;
Take calculus and find derivatives
Without taking trigonometry;
Attend business school
Without ever taking a course
Accounting or finance first.

Years later, my real-estate
Developer boyfriend –
A starter boyfriend,
Like a starter house or first job –
Would say, “You create your own luck”,
As coolly as a patrician
Says to a plebeian as
He grabs the last cab
From an elderly lady
Stranded in rain during
An ungodly morning
Some city, somewhere.

Posted 03/09/14
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