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Leader Ghazal

While we were dancing we thought Kim Jong-il
should know we think only of Kim Jong-il.

We keep our elbows on our stomachs and
frown in the springtime sun like Kim Jong-il.

There are two rainbows in a circle.
Perhaps it’s a birthday for Kim Jong-il.

Where are you going with those mustard jars?
We’re not going to throw them at Kim Jong-il.

My grandma plays scrabble alone in the hall
while I’m making models of Kim Jong-il.

We see footage of the astronaut; if
he slips he will fall into Kim Jong-il.

Who is that lovely boy in a bow-tie?
I blush but he’s looking for Kim Jong-il.

London spreads jam on her toast and shivers.
The figure looks just like a Kim Jong-il.
Posted 01/04/13
Fence -- Winter 2011
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