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Yoda Uvula

In the commercial for the anti-snore device,
             a man’s throat in scientific cartoon cross section (is).

The cross section cartoon a thin man (is),
             but the snorer interviewed after fat (is).

And in the snore cartoon,
             flaps and flaps the uvula.

The uvula in frenetic
             obnoxious purple rattles.

I new (am)! I an appendage (am)!
             I silent within you (am)!

For the technology immensely grateful
             the interviewed snorer says he is,

but glazed are his eyes.
             Rather he’d have obstructions in the bedroom

more dramatic than a uvula,
             he looks as though.

At that purple thing look! Flipping, a finger!
             A fish—sick it(’s)!

When snore him, his mouth like
             a barracuda, broad:

Of me making fun stop.
             Need me my products.

Posted 06/05/09
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