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GEORGIA (by Philippe Soupault) - transl. from the French

I don’t sleep Georgia

I launch arrows into the night Georgia

I’m waiting Georgia

Fire is just as snow Georgia

The darkness is my neighbor Georgia

I hear every sound without exception Georgia

I see smoke rise and flee Georgia

I don’t walk by wolves in the dark Georgia

I run here is the street the suburbs Georgia

Here is a town that’s the same

and that I don’t know Georgia

I hurry here I am the wind Georgia

and the cold and the silence and the fear Georgia

I am Georgia

I run Georgia

The clouds are low they will fall Georgia

I stretch out my arm Georgia

I don’t shut my eyes Georgia

I summon Georgia

I call Georgia

I summon Georgia

I call you Georgia

Will you come to Georgia

Quickly Georgia

Georgia Georgia Georgia


I don’t sleep Georgia

I’m waiting


Posted 08/27/15
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