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‘A’ Train

And aren't we all just the privileged children of one thousand years of sins against
religion, of humanity's struggle against Hitler, stewing centuries of chicken,
giving oral sex, taming mules, going to school, not showing up to class,
breaking the rules, getting pricked with splinters, climbing trees inside the forest,
dancing in a field when it's raining, freezing to death quite nearly
on a cold mountain, escaping mutilation and weeks of tribal initiation rights
and the itch of May bug ponds, absconded truths, rewritten promises
and the re-consideration of old doctrines, passing out sick with one's face
drooped over the latrine? And aren't we the incest of one thousand ugly ducklings,
invisible homelessness, and the comfort of pelted foxes, cadillacs, and the killing
of Indigenous populations? And aren't you the last one rolling with it,
hanging to the edges?
Posted 03/20/13
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