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Trailer Trash

O, we were blessed.
You would have never guessed it, though.

Right up to where the stream ran
and found floodgates clogged with garbage,
we salvaged what we could
once we'd realized what happened.

All we had was our small home,
certain things done
when they needed to be done,
and then were over.

O– the clouds, the rain, the sun.
They cared. They showed up.
O, they were with us.

Out there, where we buried the dog.

And what a mess–
You would have loved to see it
inspire laughter.

And, after all,

We are a disaster we've lived through–
never started, never ended.

Right up to where she'd mended fences
laced with seeds inside the clay
and waited well till Spring to let go of a hard feeling,
rust sprouted calmly along the siding
when the flood receded,
and rain leaked in through the ceiling.

Our bodies were a shelter
that contained our every guilt,
every joy–

We must have seemed like a hot dragon
guarding the treasures of a mountain,
driving real estate values
quite low.

Oh, we were blessed.
You wouldn't have guessed it, though.
Posted 02/14/13
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