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She does not like that very nice man
She does not like that very nice man on wheels with the face of salt
She does not like to live for three thousand years dripping and falling over her own whisper
She does not live for a week like a dromedary, stupid fringe of crystal sticking out from her eye
If it’s what she wants
If it’s lips and teeth and tiny white hair
Why not end every adjective with an “e”
Why not point to the wound on your thigh in public
Discuss how you are perfect, then TELL ME
I will treat you to a vision quest
You are my mother
This is a task, not writing
This is a task, not writing
Ok, knock three times then put the pillow over your face
Now wake up and you are a curtain of vapor just leaving the bar
Cool cement exists below your hem
Cool cement laid over this city
O tiny cloud now rise and hang a left at the pearly bulb of the moon
Krill shall wave their threads at you in the black ocean of space
Sure we are lost in particles and time
I can only say to myself, “I loved you once”
A happy world in which by “you” I mean me
And travel off to another corner to enjoy my spoils in peace
Don’t I want to keep being alive
Just like any thing else it goes into the distance


She does not have to spell, “It happens”
She does not keep a list of bad thoughts or alternatives
She does not saddle a rose and ride
She does not live if she doesn’t
Considering cute names for animals
A tiny cat with a face like a lemon could cry in one woman’s arms
That light in the covered garage
That melted note of human voices


If her feet fall off, she floats above the center of the earth
She rises past the sweaty velvet lawn
And a sweet man resting below the nylon floor of the inflated pool
She does not quiver at the frozen legs of the rabbit stuck in a headlight on the road
She waits on the back of a flying arrow
Who knows where we may all live next
Yellow birds cross their eyes like straws in the nest
Are you scared
Hop hop I clear the road
Are you frightened of the green light of the imaginary alligator or the long whispers of the toad
Would you rather be invisible or fall asleep
Lie or believe
Wait for the rest of your life or never live again
Which is it
You are the child with blue eyes or you are not
You are either the man whose family name is ticking now and will end in a bright bell or you aren’t
Or you are

Posted 11/20/09
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