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They don’t know they’re bathing. They’re vegetables on a table. The nudes are combing their hair. This is a self portrait of a bathtub. The boy with the hoop is wearing pajamas. I am bathing on a table. The hoop is on fire. This is my accomplishment. Pajamas. This is a self portrait of a vegetable reclining. Hoop. I am a screw reclining in the nude. I am boiling a screw. This is not what makes the nudes accomplished bathers. The nudes descend through hoops. The nudes are boiling a vegetable. The screw is an accomplished nude. A portrait of a screw. Screw reclining on a vegetable. I am wearing a hat. I am a bear. The nudes want to boil my fur. I want to boil my hat. The nudes are screaming. The telephone is boiling. Hello. The hat, give it to the nudes. Now pick up the vegetable. Now the screw.
Posted 12/12/09
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