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The New Funambule

The green suit is for the red chair

The horse hair hat is for the pitcher of lemonade

The dead sparrow is for the ball of string

The tired face is for the cup of cold coffee

The chin is for the blue boots

I have an egg in my hand

There is nothing usual about Jim

The child with the unused expressions

Does not want to dance alone

The man with elbow patches forgets why he

Is forlorn

I scuff my ankle to the rhythm of the clock

I pinch my face with my face muscles

What about the middayish hour brings the animals out?

In the cabinet there is an egret

That stiffens when the door opens

There is a marten on the porch eating a sleeping bag

The pilot who brought snails whispers something to Jim

Jim makes eyes at the woman with the peacock feather between her breasts

Frieda is here, as dangerous as ever

Posted 04/15/09
Luke Bloomfield lives in Northampton, MA and co-edits notnostrums.
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