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19 First Lines

1. When we returned, gnats lingered in the air of our rooms

2. I wrote it in smoke, we’re all descendants of someone

3. Distance doesn’t startle the West Texan; all is seen — a squinting eye hops a hundred miles of staggering rigs across flatland, to splinter horizon, to edge of the, to shine of the knife

4. In the now of our years, complaining is fear

5. November is a stone on a blonde hill; a snake in the grass

6. Glass Half Everything

7. Lately it doesn’t matter how old the wine is

8. Favorite day of the week is tomorrow morning, earlier than before

9. From the bathroom mirror she said what does it matter how you look

10. Masons, please take back your jars

11. She is right, dark water never offers something nice

12. The ocean, salt bath of time, he said it will help you but it won’t heal you

13. Thoughts of home are feet of oak

14. The dog beside you is enough to know there is goodness and you’re a part of it

15. The moon seizes another poem

16. The moon was the knob that let you know the night was a door

17. The votive moon

18. A woman warns her boys against women

19. There are nights when my dog runs in her dreams
Posted 03/24/15