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Connecting Flights

                       Explain the hub
at the center, its constant
need to speak to the rim,
to mouth a certain tension.
Just come out, maybe,
and say it: I wanted to find
something already known
in the unknowable gloam
street-lit along its border.
I always have desired
someone who has perfected
her neighborhood of Every-
where located at Center City,
Nowhen. Say, yet it had little
to do with time and place
until Afterward stamped
itself onto my passport
pages. Say, but it now has every-
thing to do with a transgressed
line between two states, a heart
merging from a something
into the desired someone else.
Explain that I do not know
exactly what I mean to say.

Posted 05/03/11
Originally published in the Winter 2010 issue of Main Street Rag. This one is part of a long series about a long distance relationship titled The Fiction We Make Between Us (Notes for a Memoir).
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