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Icarus’ Sister

My poems have been ugly, personal,

carried by a willingness to humor,

to delay a mouthful of death.


Reborn as cake or carbon,

I am atomically continuous.

 On and on and on and on and on—

I am you and you are we—

I am the wild geese,

God’s little sparrow,

the raven, the blackbird.


I am the ugly duckling, 

the goose girl,

Icarus’ sister.


Tasty wax greasing my lips,

I am the air,

I am obsessive, oversexed, 

betrayed by monstrous appetite.

I feel you like opportunity,

a warm uplift late in the day.


I descend through the moments

you and I connected,

feathers to wings to flight,

a stub of bone,

and I want you

to take me home.

Posted 08/23/20
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