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Ten Thousand Children

        for Matt Faatz, Lil Dornbush and Pete Kravitz

When we love you 
our hearts leap higher
we listen for your steps on the stairs,
in the hall, on the sidewalk

It is because you were brave
and cracked open
and let come out who you are
that you are everywhere

You are 
the shirts and the shoes you wore
and the ten thousand students you taught
for thirty-two years

You are the hellos
and the hallway pass
you are the encouragement and the sympathy
and high expectations

You are the love you give so freely

You are the good father your sons will draw upon

And you are more than the sum of your parts
more than clothes and books and lunches
even more than ten thousand children

Avuncular Faatz, discerning counsel,
great teacher,
we own you and we give you back
we love you and we let you go

Posted 07/01/19
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