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for Oren

It is 2014

but no one

can believe it

when said that way.

It should be more

how the orchestra 

drops to the blade

of a single violin

in those concertos

that double as ribs.


I swallowed

a dragonfly

& I don’t know

what comes next,

though I trust

how we’re together,

fixing the cold

into surprised lines.


I love you

for this fox skull

in our brains,

this forensic theater

of searching

& testimony

& though there is

an end to sensation,


to the time

it takes to hold

another person

in our person,

to keep the cold

from becoming,

we write these poems

to break

these teeth.


I’d give my dumb heart

for a good poem today,

one of those spring-loaded

lines of yours

that keeps the cold

merely cold.

Posted 10/29/14
This is for Oren Silverman. It is one page of a book-length poem I'm writing called THANK YOU TERROR.
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