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My Older Sister & My Younger Sister

My older sister ate all of herself in tiny bites, until only a mouth & teeth remained, biting & biting, until even her teeth cracked into wrecked jags. My younger sister ate herself in one bite–now she lives in the mountains & manages a hardware store. It is hard to say which of them was right, that is, which of them is the most eaten. I am standing in the shadows, but I am wearing a uniform. I am behind all the windows of all the houses on this block. In front of the windows window boxes hold yellow flowers that droop & red flowers that do not droop. Each life bursts through the wounds of an old one. I have so many sisters & there are so many ways to die.
Posted 02/12/13
This poem is from a manuscript called LUNGFISH. I'd used all these words you see here before their use in this poem, but this poem was the first time I'd used them in the order in which you now see them.
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