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False Paintbrush

If you recall only a girl crying
on the red bridge,
face adopted by stitches,
pockets leaden with disorders.

There must be girls all over the world
mothering our distance like that.
Bogotá. Asheville. Cassiopeia
mouthing a new idiom,
      torrential from her knees.

Where I am fascinated by a fever
& the sky begs for raw birds
as I hack its eyes out.
Augur of incarnate moons:
wink now, motherfucker,
which is suppression for,
I want to go on
without the mind’s convenience

If you recall only blood
     inside which music plays.
Names of furnaces,
     jealousies. Drunks & other dancers.

I want the years since to let go
     their lipless curse.

I want the night
to cast a lesser art.
Posted 01/31/11
"There must be girls all over / the world listening into the distance / like that." Greg Pape--BLACK BRANCHES; "Night after night / the drunks and dancers / hold still / in the ruined walls." Greg Pape--BORDER CROSSINGS
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