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The Today Show

It’s hard to know when to break
the seal of morning, fill
the toilet bowl with sunshine
and stand naked at the window
of my study, a glass in one hand
and the Brita pitcher in the other.

They still make the day out of day.
The mirror knows. It guards
its famous seam. A barking dog
frays and frets the light.

To put coins back into circulation.
To nudge a decimal point a place.
If in the walls the copper pipes woke
knowing their value, they’d shudder.

Adopt, but only in your mind,
a mile of highway somewhere,
its berm grown three-dimensional
in the dawn. Brush your thoughts
against the grain of a spiky lawn.
The raindrops, digital on the screen,
remain analog on the pane.

The east charges hard upon us—
eats weather, shits night.

Posted 06/02/09
Comments (3)
Wonderful poem. "...frays and frets the light." Great!
03/23/10 5:00pm
Should be "come" into focus.
06/02/09 10:45pm
Remarkable for very careful writing employed to provide surprises. I like the focussing capacity of the unusual "berm" which is apparently a newer adoption into English not too much unlike the very new "Brita", and then the vertical alliteration with "b" running through the poem (but not in the closing stanza). Other vertical alliteration and sound play comes into focus as well.
06/02/09 10:44pm