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this face

for Bryan Coffelt

this face
               of falling white
neutralizes your face

next—eat coffee beans
               off a shoestring

across the Gaza Strip
               the itch of band-aids
               being pulled
asserts itself clean

               & the atomic weight
of this pavement
               is a complete protein

this face
               must motion itself
its hurt green precedent

following our demise—meet gray
               to a fundamental metal

in kind & made contextual
               we spread our mouths
               to preen our weakness
the mettle of indifference spreading

               turn to ugly cars
make fresh paint to them
               & kiss my eyes—they sleep


this face
               the lost pieces
are forgettable malleable facts

everything that can sing
               mates against the rocks
               that swooning grass to our
last careening run

               a new heart pumps blood
& we are doctors too
               for not acknowledging sleep
Posted 11/01/10
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