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you take
an ordinary day
and transfigure. suddenly,

i’m at a birthday party.
this parking lot
is the moon.

i remember now
whyi am so far away:
to walk it off, this pleasure,

this frozen glow, locked
and spreading. i say
hello to teenage boys.

the mailman has only made
eight stops since i passed him
on my way to retrieve you – but already
you are empty, wedded to an exit.
Posted 09/06/10
now, if you would be so indulgent, reread this poem pretending that the title is "ode to yellow cake batter frozen yogurt", because that's what actually inspired me. ha?
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I say hello to teenage boys.
09/07/10 7:25am
lol...and now i'll read every poem differently: once, as is, secondly as an ode to cake batter frozen yogurt.
09/06/10 9:02pm