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Oh no, forget it, I have everything I need.

This avenue does not matter more than any other.

Lotta music wherever you go. “Does anybody

need anything?”, a question to kill. Tomorrow

we will see flowers, we will speculate,

weather will appear significant, distance will

expand and elide. Cell growth is a matter of

infinite division. Who says we have to stitch

one minute to the next? If you long to keep

wandering this valley, you’re gonna need

a rich inner life. Summer is over and the coyotes

are on everyone’s mind, yet some piece of me

hangs still under last November’s moon.

I’d been sad and unwell (always rifts,

sickness, and eclipses haul me closer,

every ripple so far rides to the same west).

It was the coldest moon I’d ever seen and

she asked, “Do you want it?” and I said, “Yes.”

Posted 09/03/18
A follow-up to my poem "Dear John", published here at inknode one year ago.
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