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My beauty doesn’t stick to photographs

My beauty is renegade,

is maverick,

is runaway, not runway


My beauty speaks when spoken to

My beauty ruins things

My beauty keeps you from caring

My beauty keeps you quiet

My beauty keeps you waiting

My beauty keeps you awake at night

But seriously, man, my beauty is here for you

My beauty was sent from space

to wedge between the living and regret

My beauty is the silent minority

My beauty is on a mission, should you choose to accept it


My beauty says, “hey”

My beauty rides high,

burns bridges,

scrapes the world like a searchlight,

goes out

 My beauty is not my problem

My beauty makes it hard for you to see me,

makes it hard to remember what I said,

makes it hard for you to walk away,

makes you wish I looked at you like that,

makes you wonder if I’m home,

makes you wonder if I’m lost


My beauty may cause shortness of breath,

spilled drinks, or forest fires;

may turn fog into chiffon,

and music into memory;

may stop you, may search you,

may follow you around


But my beauty knows the limit

My beauty has been here before

My beauty knows nothing is free





Posted 05/09/17
Inspired by the 2010 meme, "Excuse My Beauty"; dedicated to cross-dressers and beautiful women everywhere. Full video here: https://youtu.be/jSiIirICPw0
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