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A mountain is where you go 

             to design commandments, meet the truth;

when you can’t imagine anymore,

when you’d rather open my mouth & know.

Sometimes we can be surprised,

                   trust vistas to tell us what’s missing,

and though there is no shelter

              the sun goes easy;

twin stars pin misted hills, 

                                & prairie-kid paradise

      eyes the depths, satin-still—

                                             breathe fire, haul water, call air—

A millions ways to cheat distance

     and we’ll need all of them.

What’s funnier than “enough” &

                           how much older can we get?

         Lines dry, world churns,

                              the avenue switches, wisteria to cedar—

  there is nothing like knowing,

                                     & knowing can last.

Posted 05/25/18
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