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Stop! In the Name of Love

There’s always something:

a kid’s red hair,

a far-off island,

knowing you might get everything you wanted,

knowing you won’t.


Say it right now, baby:

creation and deletion

are faking it; all that love

has to go somewhere.


No captured queen

was ever sadder

than this world.


Checks are still cut,

lights go on and off,

crowds wither and swell.

That video will always

be out there.


Tomorrow you might

get a chance to wear silk.

You might recognize no one. 

Might find a dead woman’s earrings

and turn your fist into

a living locket for those

scraps of turquoise, 

as a totem against loneliness.


In a lime-lit convenience store,

you may hear thereminian

hoots of doo-wop. May review

the meadows of childhood,

mown down over and over,

torn and salted. Time will never

catch up to us. Today

could always be the day.

Posted 07/09/16
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