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Oh yeah hello slim pillars, fresh faces,

revisited skin. I’ll be with you in a minute,

just gotta torch the corpse of true love 

because her soul lives in someone else now …

You won’t remember but I will awaken in you 

memories of love and crime and death—

I was buried but infatuation kept me alive, 

listening in on my own grave’s robbery,

soaking up all that suspense as science unrolls

the incantation that started it all. Millennia later,

I still find you. I’ve been so bandaged so long

it was easy to hold still as they said my name.

This feeling keeps coming back for me, 

shaking away those sands of time, 

ruffling the desert, rising like a storm,

all spells of protection scratched away.

Posted 10/31/17
Happy Halloween! The original (1932) "The Mummy" is actually a rom-com.
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