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THE SOUND OF MUSIC // a commentary

This nightgown: 

I might hate it, 

but it gives me hope.

Liesl’s dress … is it dirty because

she talked to a Nazi? Or is she merely 

wearing a black bra? 

For the children, let’s keep 

everything but the sailor suits, 

the sailor suits are an outrage.

As for the Baroness, 

is she wearing pearls? 

I don’t know, but she should be.

Let us commend the world we lose:

long halls and gardens, the voices of

our children, gold and green—

In its place we will find ourselves

a firm yet gentle lesson in 

how to run away: first, kneel

among the dead, do not 

whisper or show your face

let the light hunt 

somewhere else. Carry only

what you can. Leave room in your arms. 

Seek the very steepest way.

Posted 07/03/20
This spring I sync-watched The Sound of Music with my best friend since high school and her wife and my husband. I had some thoughts, mostly on the fashion - I really wanted a bikini inspired by the Baroness, duh. But the rest of it became this poem.
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