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wake up in the morning and what do i see

we are a hundred delayed reactions to what we want,
I wake up in the morning and I don’t
remember what you look like,        and ‘published’
is getting to be such a funny word, the shining
netted nightingale-vortex of           my alarm
clock tingles with Edith Piaf, with how she says, “Yes!
Yes, but wait!”                By now the corner store
is wailing again, its tinny triumph of entrepreneurial
ghost – the radiator, the freezer, the spinning
bells of entry and exit. birds               cannot compete.               
there is a neon lining for everyone.

Posted 07/07/09
Comments (2)
this one is really good meg - nothing impeding its flow.
07/08/09 11:26am
i love your language--it consistently makes me believe there's still hope.
07/08/09 10:25am