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Ming Holden

 MING HOLDEN served in the Mongolian Writers Union as their International Relations Adviser during her year as a Luce Scholar in Mongolia, collaborating with The Asia Foundation on literary translations and working towards the formation of a Mongolia PEN Center. Her poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and translations have appeared in Cerise Press, The Best American Poetry Blog, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Huffington Post, InAsia, InTheFray, Peaches and Bats, The Poker, Poets & Artists, Prospect, the Santa Ynez Valley Journal, the Santa Barbara Independent, and Slice Magazine’s blog.  She recently taught a cross-genre workshop at the Richard Hugo House.

Ming was one of the only Americans at the second-ever convention of the Writers and Literary Translators International Congress (WALTIC). She presented on Tumen Ulzii Bayunmend, the exiled Chinese Inner Mongolian writer seeking safe resettlement with his wife and daughter.  Keep up with her on her website,

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