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just breaking

Detergent suicide is all
the rage, haven't you
heard?  Teenagers leave
notes warning of the gristle rotted
egg smell that could send
others into toxic shock
if they open the door to the closet.

Reams of paper confetti
down from the tolling tower,
letters stamped with scores
the kind of scores that score
the wrist, flossing the record
with fingernails, the cells
of you already dead

before you embroidered
the flickering air with the hose
snaking through the closet like a prayer.

Twenty-two file
in, sit in plastic
chairs, look at up
at me and turn
into jasmine, vines
climbing over the desks.
Get your books out, I say,
who remembers the third
leading cause of death
but they only, shyly, blink
their petal eyes in wonder,
their scent filling the room.
Posted 11/05/12
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