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Land World

The ocean documentary
Said we are the bottom dwellers
Of the land world
We fish to extinction
I cry
Find the cypher
Crack jokes
A symbol of cypress
A cygnet feather
How to build anything
A muscle
A rapport with men
A part of but apart from
I need a storytime dinnerlight
A dumbbell epiphany
A gimme twenty
A movie star with his shirt off
I can’t stay hard
I can’t soften
What’s left of my hair
I vaguely valley
I convex quite quick
I undrip
I dress for myself
Nothing fits
A cat ear turns
For each click and crack
A heater
A toe
Each dropped thing of interest
A curiosity non-lethal
A rough in rhinestone crust
You have to be poor
To feel like a million bucks
Sun-smooched shoulders
A blushing yoke
My name is about carrying
Oneself or something else
Classically across a river
Of course water
A log bridge
Natural fallen
An uncensored monologue
It’s you not me
A being to be with
Looking for all the wrong places in love
With mushrooms and slugs
And other bugs
I don’t know the names of

Posted 01/21/16
Published by Horse Less Press, Nov 2015
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