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Wet Sandwich

A lot like birth.
A boa constrictor coils around me.
Not crushing.
This mortal snake
slow dips me into the ocean.
A wet sandwich.
A naked man to not look at.
We delete in new ways.
Charged and expensive.
Written by a chicken.
The muse tosses you an anvil.
You catch & release.
You unwrap the line from the fin of a dolphin.
A breast full of liquid dinosaur.
A cereal of Hawai’i’s ash.
A television with a name.
Without pink eye
I never would have found
my dulcimer torso.
Oboe throat.
Ketchup and mustard body.
Jellybean pupils.
And turmeric roses for ears.
I dye you white
& start you over.
An engine full of sugar.
A penis full of salt.

Posted 09/21/16
Published by The Fem, June 2016
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