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Bungeeing In

That sanguine furnace, bleeding in the basement, bungee in!
Take it—the children’s ice cream globes floating above the cones, bungee in,

take those too. The awkward exchange between beauty and fear, bungee through,
quick, take the shuddering gas collecting around the fountains. Bungee in,

Boom, the sand is porcelain, littered with smoking barrels, bungee in,
take that too. Any space filled with a discharge—bungee in,

take it, take it all, that’s what elastic ropes were invented for, bungeeing in
to take the piece that removes experience from transience bungeed back

to the Mobius halo of memory. It’s planned, freeze it all and bungee in,
this starts the timers. Stay a few seconds for the negative burn. Then bungee back.

Posted 03/13/09
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