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I Am All Barbed Wire

We are desert-walking through a rainbow. Start
over. Colored light and bare feet—beware
of cactus spines. And? Days are
reborn so that we may try again, our better selves
shining. I dream of mountain lions halfway up
the mountain. We are halfway up the mountain.
So? Bare your teeth at me, Love.

Forget what you think
you know. Micaceous clay shimmers:
an instant, an impulse, an image
locked. I need new words. If I loved you,
well, that’s my fault. Language can
move. What? I am sadness dressed
for a cocktail party. Is that the fence?
You want to scream. At me. And? That is,
to sandstone, to clay, to dust. Did you see
that flower open? Did you?
Posted 08/05/09
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