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One future was talking to the other future about vitamins
but the first future didn’t much give a shit about vitamins
it only cared about big blockbuster hits like the one with
the guy who lives in the abstemious dumpster the other
future wasn’t offended but he definitely wasn’t going to share
his orange anymore then another future showed up
dressed like a human holding a cell phone hey I got your text
about the moat the new future said to the other future
sounds pretty rad but the other future wasn’t listening
because the first future had just found the zipper in its skin
and the skin was real and they all stood there looking
like prairie grass not knowing what was going to happen next.
Posted 08/18/11
This poem first appeared in issue 1 of Red Lightbulbs, edited by Russ Woods and Meghan Lamb - http://redlightbulbs.net/issue1/index.html
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