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for Anne Cecelia Holmes

Hello anonymous harbor     Hello
friendly people at the barbeque     I am done
sleeping     Thank you & now I would like
to hum a little     Avoid meat with you     Laugh
for specific reasons     One being that I am saying
impossible things about couches     Another being
the arc of complicated feelings     How they
cover us with mistakes     Very human things
Anchors & pieces of toast     Anything to make you
empathize with me in a poncho     That’s how
dumbly I feel     Compared to me even
a small boat is bigger     Always limited by shape
& a necessity for quiet people speaking loudly
about slinkies & whales     For no reason
I love them     In a dream     This ability to smuggle
our hands into each other’s hair     Hello quick
suffocating sweetness      Hello somebody
with impractical wisdom about hand signals
I think your shoes are great     Also the energy
we exchange     How it is carried around
for a long time     Even in the backyard     Even
in a small boat going far away     Everyone is like
wow     With shame on my heart & lemonade
in my mouth     This is my best disguise
Posted 07/07/12
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