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Netherlandish Masterpieces of Detroit

America, your shoe’s untied
and how dare you leave the house
not in Velcro. So much forward momentum
and our kicks’ laces lashing
the ankle bone in the swing phase
when being non-concentric deranges balance
like trying to doggy style while warrior posing.
So, the fumbling drives the seasons,
you wear flip-flops to the race riots
but your toes keep getting stomped
and you leave early
not knowing how the thing ends
while God keeps shitting His grace on thee
and sorry, Motown, but we’re coming
for your Netherlandish masterpieces
between 8am-5pm probably on a Tuesday
and do you have any bubble wrap
we can borrow because the guys
we work for like a nick-free haul.
Sad resilient American heart,
I was for sure I saw your dead ringer
hiked as a fist above a sign-waving crowd
under-concerned with  details
but over-concerned with getting something right.
Posted 07/25/13
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