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I´d Like To Escape The Romance

It´s my sense of smell that´s left or forgotten. 
In that towel. In the last hotel condition. 
I can´t help but want and want. But the receipts. But the small parts I was sure I would need. I don´t need to be protected. But the night is not careless. Though it has been and I have trouble being the first to say I am sorry. 
Because I am not now, but I have been. Maybe I am too often sorry. 
I have had that exact thought. 
of the night being warm, sometimes. I try to ascribe much to this. 
The night is sometimes warm when it ought to be cold. 
I have my jacket, you know. The mossy and humid one that I like. 
That reflects the givers face when the hand comes loose into the jacket neck. 
Rise off the hook. Hand it down to me. The givers face. 
But warm. 
I think the jacket wants for me. The way it drapes when the door is opened. 
It hangs heavy. 
so whimsically future oriented. 

Posted 10/20/14
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