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when everything stops I will open a chain of museums 
dedicated to Jim Henson who is dead when someone famous dies
it’s important to tell their story again and again and again
and again in a permanent way to keep them dead especially if 
their muppets roam the earth advertising like zombies which
is exactly what Kermit was doing to the Ford Escape Hybrid like
eating its brain or something in the forest Kermit climbed mountains 
to get that Ford Escape Hybrid I guess that’s what Kermit eats now 
that Jim doesn’t bring him tins of cat food he has to fucking climb now
and hunt the Ford Escape Hybrid in the forest on film for money so
he can buy his own massive supply of cat food to stay at home 
hidden away in a spore-free tent/bedroom/study/kitchen eating cat food
with nothing but time to reflect on the chytrid fungus and all that’s lost

Posted 03/30/11
Been playing with using commercials as starting places for poems. Here is a link to the original commercial for this poem: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7372950930856015507#
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