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I am a soldier but that doesn’t mean
I don’t enjoy a decent buffet at a reasonable price.
Collective crew cuts, regimented physiques & serious natures
promote a basic message of responsibility, like
hello dumb landscape, paint yourself! 
With guns! It’s not terribly effective.
Our mothers are so proud they’ll buy anything
that has the logo. I keep saying, Mom, if you want to help
start by shooting at the enemy like the rest of us.
Sometimes I talk directly into the barrel of my gun
pretending I’m Elvis or some other famous dead person
and sometimes my gun answers back. It’s how
I know we’re a team. We’re here
like a suburban development in a featureless landscape
waiting for someone to ask why. In the meantime
we’ve discovered the worst game of catch
is shooting each other but
no one wants to be
the first to
Posted 01/11/11
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