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All I’m wearing when I come to you is all
I’ve worn for yesteryears past when I was last
born but got my tail caught in the door neither
here nor there but in between the silky
screen & the outside where my face has become
a callous trying to make music from all sharp
sounds I’d change my name to “Yes” if you’d say it
to me once if you could push your bony bolts
aside let your hinges fly open whether they squeak
or squawk or open pleasantly silent & if it’s difficult
knowing you’re so full of love it’s irreconcilable with
you or I am or that my hands open up like birds’ wings
pushing against nothing
there is nothing holding you down

I search the gutters for what I want I look for the scraps
that some have lost in the past when they watched
their lovers sleeping beside strangers when
their chimneys wept when
their leaky roofs were pounded with gallops of rain
& their only comforts were looking out through
the collapsed ceilings at the trusses keeping the big
black roof from coming down too
Posted 02/01/10
This poem was published in the Fall '07 issue of "Gulf Coast Review".
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