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swallower of magnifying glasses

scalpel of light

cousin today of desperation

a thousand times the same vice

bulky and ajar

the gazes

through the light holes of vision

dress like glimpsing

give the moon a call

to see if he avoids the mirror’s fare

give the moon a glance

before the singular chair

and the optics fixed

like irreducible failure

come close to the moon

without intermediaries

give him silver-plated light quarters 

aluminum wool drops in river

willow tears

pleasures of fog and stone

to see if he forgets

but if he doesn’t confuse you with his shadow

bring me a sandman

so he can take away the dreams

and doubts

Posted 01/26/17
This is a translation of a poem included in the collection TIERRA INTERMITENTE. Published by in Spanish by Ediciones Alayubia.
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